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1. The general provisions

1.1. The All-Ukrainian non-government organization “Ukrainian University Association” (further after the Association) is the All-Ukrainian non-government organization that consolidates academic society based on democratic and voluntary principles, publicity, legislation, equality of its members without privileges based on political, religious, linguistic and social origin  characteristics.

1.2.    The Association follows principle of humanism, rule of law, declaration of the universal values priority, human rights, freedoms of a person and a citizen, that are determined by the Constitution of Ukraine, Magna Charta Universitatum positions, by principles of academic freedoms and university autonomy which are defined in the Charter of Ukrainian Universities, the Olbian Declaration of  Universities “Academic Freedom, University Autonomy, Education and Science for Sustainable Development”, and in the Framework for priority actions “Realization of the Olbian Declaration of Universities”.

1.3.     The Association is founded with the purpose to gain conditions for its effective activity and sustainable development of Association’s members upon the common interests by common efforts.

1.4.    The Association has a legal entity. The Association is non-profit organization.

1.5.     The Association could open bank accounts, has an official stamp, stamps, letter-heads, own symbolism. The symbolism of the Association is registered according the procedure established by law.

1.6.    The Association is founded on the respect of the Constitution of Ukraine,  law of Ukraine “On Public Associations”, law of Ukraine “On Education”, law of Ukraine “On Higher Education”, law of Ukraine “On Scientific and Scientific-technical Activities”, other Ukrainian legislative basis and this Statute.

1.7.    The Association shall support and promote international affairs, encourage international cooperation between members of the Association, sign agreements and contracts, take part in  arrangement that are not contrary to international obligations of Ukraine in accordance with the law, relevant agreements, respect and agreement of non-interference in the affairs of each side.

1.8.    The Association is not responsible for obligations of its members, and Association members are not responsible for the obligations of the Association.

1.9.    For realization its aim and goals according to the Statute and its legislative status, the Association has rights:

  • To present and protect its legislative interests and interests of its members in government and non-government organizations;

  • To receive information that is needed for realization its aim and goals from the government and local government body;

  • To apply proposals according to Association activity and its members to the government and local government body;

  • To promote information and popularize the aim, goals and ideas of its activity;

  • To establish institutions and organizations, enterprises, media, including web portal that are needed to executing goals and maintaining the aim of the Association.

1.10.    The Association shall annually publishe information about its activities.

1.11.    The Association is called the All-Ukrainian non-government organization “Ukrainian University Association”.

1.12.    The acronym of the Association is AUNGO “UUA”.

    1. The Association has registered office on auditorium 206, 2, Akima Str., Mykolayiv, Mykolayiv region, 54003, Ukraine.

    2. The Association has all-Ukrainian status. Its activity covers the whole territory of Ukraine.