Do you wish to create the Association of Universities in Ukr
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2.1.    The aim of the Association is gratification and protection of social, economic, creative, scientific, educational, national, and cultural common interests of its members, to create legislative and organizational conditions for enhancement of academic freedom, university autonomy, science and education for sustainable development.

2.2.    The main goals of the Association are:

  • To promote experience exchange, coordination and organization of higher and scientific institutions’  common activity  in development of scientific, educational, cultural, and social spheres, in preparing higher educated and higher qualified personnel,  in creating new outlook of young generation;

  • To promote and formatting national legislation into international regulations concerning academic freedoms and university autonomy in higher education;

  • To promote Ukrainian constitutional human rights and freedoms realization, to improve human role in society;

  • To spread national traditions, Ukrainian higher education and science achievements in worldwide scientific and educational sphere;

  • To organize and extend international cooperation of the Association members in scientific, research, and educational sphere, to develop common programs and plans for improving university education and scientific research;

  • To promote the innovations stimulating, create new ideas, initiatives, cultural, social, scientific, educational, and economic development projects in higher education of Ukraine and its regions;

  • To use effectively the Association members intellectual potential, to contribute protection and legal use of property rights of the Association members;

  • To make proposals and recommendations concerning issues of higher education and present it to government, local government and other bodies;

  • To coordinate the Association members cooperation and to promote their mobility.