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5.1. Sources of funding:

- Annual membership fees of the Association Members;

- Donations (charity and sponsor contributions) from legal entities and individuals in cash and property forms;

- Irrevocable contributions of enterprises, organizations, foundations, companies and citizens;

- Property contributions of the Association members;

- Revenues from economic and other activities of enterprises and organizations, also media and enterprises established by the Association, as a passive income that will be used to perform the statutory tasks of the Association;

5.2. According to Ukrainian laws, the Association may have facilities, buildings, equipment, inventory, money, land and other property necessary to ensure its statutory activities. The operational and administrative management for the above facilities assigned to the Secretariat of the Association.

5.3. Revenues from the results of the Association activity are used only to achieve the goal and to perform the tasks, defined by the Statute and annual Program of the Association activity and cannot be distributed between its members.

5.4. The main manager of funds of the Association is the President of the Association.