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10. Liquidation and dissolution of the Association PDF Print Write e-mail

10.1.    The Association discontinue its activity by reorganization (uniting, joining, dividing, transformation) or liquidation according to the positions of current Ukrainian legislation.

10.2.    The reorganization is made by the decision of the Conference, if not less than two-thirds of all members present at the Conference. In the case of reorganization all property and intangible rights and obligations of the Association will be precede to assignees.

10.3.    The liquidation of the Association could be:

  • if two thirds of all members of the Conference have voted for this;

  • by the decision of the civil court.

10.4.    If the Conference decide to liquidate the Association, the liquidation will be done by the liquidation committee that is formed by the Conference or other body according to Ukrainian legislation.

10.5. Since the day of appointment the Liquidation Committee it receives the authority to manage the affairs of the Association. The Liquidation Committee in order prescribed the Ukrainian legislation publishes the message about the liquidation of the Association in the official publication under the Ukrainian legislation, assesses the available property of the Association, identify the debtors and creditors and settle up with them, taking steps to pay the debts of the Association to the third parties, including its members, makes the liquidation balance sheet and presents it to the Conference or the body that appointed the liquidation committee.

10.6. Liability claims against the Association content with its property in order of priority and within the time prescribed by the current legislation of Ukraine.

10.7. The Association considered to be liquidated since the date of state registration the termination of legal entity.

10.8. In a case of the liquidation of the Association its assets should be transferred to another nonprofit organization or credited to the revenue budget. Funds and property of the Association in case of its liquidation can not be redistributed among its members.