3. Association Membership Print

3.1.    There shall be individual and collective Association members based on voluntary principle.

3.2.The    Association members could be:

  • Functionaries of higher education institutions with ІІІ-IV accreditation level and scientific institutions, be exact: teachers, scientists, administration, PhD students, doctors, students, and other citizens of Ukraine which activity connected with educational and scientific issues and who have a wish to take part at the work of Association,  admit the Statute of the Association and promote its aim and goals within their practical activity;

  • Staff of higher education institutions with ІІІ-IV accreditation level and scientific institutions that act on the territory of Ukraine and promote the Association’s aim and goals and take part in its realization.

3.3.    By entering the Association as a collective member, staff shall not be enrolled as an individual member of the Association. Their entrance to the Association shall be done on general principles. Collective members shall be independent in finances and economics.

Collective members of the Association shall implement through representatives (one from each member) their rights and obligations. Individual members shall implement their rights and obligations by their own.

3.4.    The admission as Association member shall be made with a personal statement of a citizen or with a personal statement of higher education institutions with ІІІ-IV accreditation level and scientific institutions’ authorized person and with recommendation letters from at least of 3 Association members.

Application for admission as the Association member shall consider on the meeting of the relevant Local Communities within a month from the date of submission and shall be approved by the Conference of the Association, if it is voted more than two-thirds present on the Conference.

Voting right shall be granted upon payment of membership fee. The amount, form and way of payment of annual membership fee should be determined by the Regulations of the membership fees that shall be approved by the Conference.

Membership fees shall not be refundable in case of withdrawal from the Association.

3.5. Membership may be suspended based on:
a) a request of  the Association member to withdraw from the Association;
b) the violation of the Statute by member of the Association;
c) the systematic failure of obligations concerning participation at the Association activities within a year or more;
d) to make an intentional damage to the Association or its members and property;
e) not to pay  membership fees within a year or more or not to keep obligations of the Association.

Exclusion from the Association members:
1) by the decision of the Secretariat if the Association member requests to  withdraw from the Association on its own initiative. In this case, the decision about exclusion shall be made within one month from the date of request;
2) by the decision of the Conference, if more than two-thirds present at the Conference voted.

3.6.    The Association members have rights:

  • to use of informational, scientific, and educational materials, creative opportunities, social and cultural basis and services of the Association with the purpose to promote and improve the Association activity;

  • to elect and be elected to all bodies of the Association;

  • to make proposals, requests and comments to improve the Association  activity and structure;

  • to take part in all the events done by the Association;

  • to take part in planning and discussing the Association activity and to use the property of the Association;

  • to receive the complete information about the Association activity;

  • to use the Association support in its activity that meets the aim and goals of the Association;

  • to withdraw voluntary from the Association members on their request to the Secretariat of the Association;

  • to hand in use or ownership to the Association property and/or cost according to the Ukrainian legislation.

3.7.    The Association members are obliged:

  • to follow the Statute of the Association;

  • to promote the achievement of the aim and goals of the Association;

  • to provide actively scientific and educational policy by promotion and realization of academic freedoms and university autonomy that are defined in the Olbian Declaration of  Universities;

  • to pay membership fees on time and in the way and amount defined by the Association;

  • to support the Association authority, not to take actions that run contrary to its Statute aim and goals, undermined its prestige;

  • to execute decisions that are made by authorities of the Association within  its competence.